Monday, 27 October 2014

FPW Prussian Hussars

15mm Lancashire and Essex (probably)

1st Leib Regt. of  Hussars
2st Leib Regt of Hussars 1870
3rd Regt Brandenburg Hussars
5th Regt hussars ( Pomeranian)

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

French Horse Artillery Limbers and Crew

These are  probably 15mm Outpost limbers (which are an absolute bargain!) for the Franco -Prussian conflict, but which I think will also suit my Austro-Italian and Crimean forces. I probably have a  surfeit of artillery for my French, but I can always post them permanently to separate conflicts or field them as reserves. I've decided to (temporarily) use limbers to designate my horse artillery units ( as well as the 2 crew members to a base). I will eventually try to buy limbers for all my artillery units, if only to complicate the games and create logistical problems :)

I still have traces to do when I find some fine enough chain.

Austrian Jagers 1859 or earlier?

These are my Lancashire (I think) 15mm Austrian Jagers. I was hoping to use them for 1866 but I think i will need to find jagers in greatcoats for that and the hats will need to be different . In the Osprey books The 1859 jagers are shown in white Waffenfrock but I've seen them elsewhere in the traditional grey. My grey is a  bit too dark and the figures are a little muddy from the  GW Nuln oil wash, so I'll tone it down next time. The fahren are surplus as I don't think the jagers carried their colours into battle if they even had them at all.

Austrian Hussars 1859 -66

These are probably Lancashire figures 15mm that come in  a pack with Dragoons (posted some months back). Not sure whether they'll get much action on the table as  cavalry seem a little vulnerable in late C19th battles. I spent an inordinate amount of time painting the shabraque decoration, yellow line within white lines, within black lines within etc, etc

I picked regiments that kept  their old uniform colours after the 1850s reforms. I think these are the 10th and 12th regiments.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

First of the Wurttemburgers

These are 15mm Wuttemburgers some from Outpost, others possibly Friekorps. Nice casts anyway.

Jagers -

Three battalions here, which is all they had. One jager battalion was assigned to each brigade with three line battalions.

 The first of the line battalions -

Still a few more battalions of line to paint up, plus loads of artillery and some cavalry later in the year. I was hoping to use these for the 1866 Bruderkrieg as well, but the hats are wrong for the earlier conflict. More troops to buy :( !

Monday, 9 June 2014

Nine Austrian infantry battalions 15mm

Each brigade of Austrian infantry should have 6 battalions ( 2 regiments) plus one of Jaegers. So here I have nine battalions for 1.5 brigades. Still a load more to buy and paint up although I've already finished the command stands for the absent battalions. Each regiment has one white Leibfahnen and two yellow standartfahnen.

Here are elements of the first battalion, figures by Lancashire 15mm, Flags from QRF.

 As much as I like these figures the guys at advance are too deep for the bases with their projecting bayonets, making it very difficult to form them into march column without injury.

Normally there'd be a lot more room between ranks. We don't want any of that pesky artillery overshoot do we?
Two regiments of line infantry

Austrian dragoons, two regiments 15mm Essex

Well , I pretty sure they're Essex - big fat heads on the horses!

I don't think these are in the PoW lists, but they do turn up in historical OOBs so I've got some just in case. Whilst cavalry are little use on the battlefield in a heavy role, they are handy for tying up enemy units and scouting. One day my flags will arrive from QRF and I can finish these.

Here they are formed up for review, sans guidons.
I like the Essex figures ( although the horses heads are a bit comical) as they are easy to paint with nice defined detail. The bases are very narrow making it difficult to base them up on strips for painting.

Next projects are Hussars in two different uniforms - 1859 and 1864-66.